Sunday, March 1, 2009

101 in 1001

I have like many other decided to do a list, for those of you who i have not told about this list it is a list of 101 things in 1001 days. That is to say, at least my interpretation, that i must complete a list of 101 things in 1001 days, which works out to be just about two and three quarters years. I think that this is something for those of us who have plenty we want to do, and difficulty remembering it all or letting certain things fall to the way side, that allows us to bring those things to the forefront of our minds and accomplish those things. I think it is also beneficial to us as human beings with self esteem. I say this because the more accomplished we feel the better we feel about ourselves. Thus, I have decided to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days. Here is my list:

1.Travel to Europe
2.Meet Jeremy's Dad
3.Ride my bike to the Lake
4.Read all of anything that Kurt Vonnegut has written
5.Go to the Drive in with Jeremy
6.Volunteer at least 6 Times
7.Visit Chicago
8.See 15 Brand New Bands
9.Join a club that meets regularly
10.See Radio head Live
11.Go to Bonaroo
12.Learn how to Water ski
13.Follow the entire Sabres Season
14.Dress up like a pinup girl have photos taken for Jeremy
15.Learn to play a unique instrument
16.Conquer my fear of heights - Sky Dive
17.See the Grand Canyon
18. Visit Dena in Arizona
19. learn how to do an oil change on a car
20. Build a puzzle (Make it an old Map of Rochester, NY)
21. Write a collection of Children's books, attempt to get them published
22. Own a Digital SLR
23. Graduate Before my Brother
24. Facilitate a Family Vacation
25. Play a sport on a team
26. Go Canoeing
27. Try 6 new Dishes
28. Throw a surprise party for Someone
29. Complete 10 Puzzles
30. Perfect Grandmas Potato Salad
31. Go Horse back Riding
32. Paint something in only shades of Blue
33. Become Fluent in Spanish
34. Take a Glass blowing Class
35. Take an Italian Class
36. Take a Painting Class
37. Collect all the Beatles albums
38. Make Strucolo
39. Take a Ballroom Dance Class
40. Drive across the country- end in Seattle
41. Visit California
42. See 10 new to me Musicals or Shows
43. Make Ravioli
44. Spend an entire week following a strict Vegan Diet
45. Build a smaller easel
46. Brew Beer with Jeremy
47. Learn how to Screen Print - make my own T-shirt
48. See Yosemite
49. Knit a Blanket
50. Buy Jeremy a Guitar
51. Collect art pieces from 5 new artists, and 5 old favorite artists
52. Visit the MET
53. See 6 new foreign films
54. Go to the Albright Knox
55. Learn to sew
56. Ride in a hot-air Balloon
57. Document an entire day using photos
58. Make Hot sauce with Jeremy
59. Make Wine with Jeremy
60. Go to 25 new-to-me restaurants
61. Grow a vegetable garden
62. Go to 7 Summer Festivals
63. Make my own candles
64. Get a raise at work
65. Go to Letchworth with Jeremy and have a picnic
66. Get a 4.0
67. Go to the Planetarium
68. Take my Dad and Jeremy and Kelly to the Eastman House
69. Shoot and develop a roll of film from Nonno's Camera
70. Re-mat and frame my favorite photos that I've taken and printed myself
71. Knit an entire scarf
72. Participate in the Breast Cancer Walk
73. Lose 30 Pounds
74. Try Grapa with my Nonno
75. Write Jeremy a love letter
76. Try 7 new kinds of fruit
77. Plant a new tree
78. Decorate a Tree outside on Christmas Eve
79. Make my own T-shirt Bag
80. Make my own Summer Dress
81. Create 6 new mixed media art pieces - Mail one to Jessie
82. Organize a benefit show
83. Play volleyball at a beach
84. Get ice cream from Abes with Jes
85. See Beck Live
86. Ge on to the top of a city building
87. Visit NYC
88. Get a tattoo
89. Use the large canvas - Paint something with Jeremy, Hang it in our future living room
90. Try Rock Climbing
91. Go Camping
92. Sip Martinis at Happy Hour (with Brigitte)
93. Make Fondue with Jeremy
94. Make Root beer with Jeremy
95. Buy a mac
96. Can tomato sauce at my own house
97. Can strawberries for Jam
98. Design my own set of Dishes (think Kate spade)
99. Go bowling with Jeremy
100. Visit Jes in Boston
101. Build a shelf for all of mine and Jeremy's Records