Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Update! (things in motion!)

#23 "Graduate Before My Brother" - Almost Complete, applied for graduation yesterday! (02/01/2010) Graduation Date is 05/15/2010! :o) :o)!!!!!

#76 "Try 7 New Kinds Of Fruit" (2/7) I tried fruit #2 - KumKwats - They look like tiny little oranges, and I can't decide I if I like them or not, the whole eating the rind thing weirds me out...maybe theres a different way to eat them, but as of now, I'm not sure how i feel about them

#100 "Visit Jes In Boston" - we are buying our train tickets Friday 02/05/2010 to go visit Jess in Boston in March!!! Very Exciting and I'll be posting many a photo of the commons, and quincy mahhhhket when we return and this is officially completed :o)