Wednesday, October 12, 2011

#s 39, and 87!

39 - Take A Ballroom Dance Class (with Jeremy <3)

Done and Done! There was a group on a few months back for 4 private lessons at Arthur Murray dance studios in Rochester, and of course I bought it, and Jeremy and I have been enjoying the art of ballroom dance for the last four weeks. Its fantastic, and we loved it so much we're totally hooked, and are planning to continue on until we're past the "awkward steps stage" and into the "comfortable on the dance floor show off sort of stage" is there anything we don't do :-P
So far we've really taken to Swing, The Waltz, and The Hustle, we're working on The Foxtrot and starting to learn some Chacha the last two lessons. Its been an awesome experience and our dance instructor Dion is fantastic, he really made us feel welcome, though almost everyone there were all surprised that we were just there for fun, no wedding, or major event, just wanted to be knowledgable about the art of ballroom dance...guess thats a rarity now, which I find to be unfortunate. More people should want to learn how to dance, more young people, and not club dance, ballroom partner dance, its an art form that should NOT have been left behind - at least, in my opinion.
Anyway, we're loving it, and we're improving every time we go, this last lesson was by far the most fun because we're finally able to remember and move our feet, who knew in four weeks (we started by learning how to walk together) we'd be doing any of these dances. Its been excellent, and its also one more thing I can check off my list!

87 - Visit NYC - we actually spent this past weekend in NYC and had a blast! we stayed in uptown manhatten, for a reasonable price in what felt more like a crappy apartment than a hotel room, but we loved it. We stayed in a dog friendly hotel so we brought our beautiful little Emma with us. We visited Battery Park, Ate Pommes Frite, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast at Le Pain (our favorite nyc breakfast place). We also wandered around Union Sq for a while, saw one lucky duck (I'd been DYYYYING to go) and even got to see what Whole Foods was all about (and for those of you who know us, and have been to whole foods you can imagine we were in all of our glory) in fact instead of eating out on Saturday evening we actually grabbed some things from whole foods to make dinner which was great, because it didnt leave us feeling crappy from eating out too much on the trip. We also had cocktails at the top of the beekman tower, and that was nice, though it felt like the age requirement was 65 and over to be up there...we did our best to deal with that. All in all it was a really fun trip and I want to go back again soon, and hopefully check off another thing from my list by spending some time at the Met. and maybe even catch a mets game!