Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, with the new year on the horizon, and with time diminishing as the list progresses forward, I have many plans and goals both within the list and also outside of the list. If I shouldnt manage to make all my goals happen within the time-frame that will not stop me from continuing on, I just enjoy holding myself accountable. It's something I'm always working on. Anyways, I've got lots of plans for these next 731 days.
We'll see where life takes me :o)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Completions, Completions, Completions!

#16 "Collect All of Anything Dr. Seuss Has Written" - Thanks to my sister I can check another Dr. Seuess Book off the list! For Christmas she found and bought me "The Butter Battle Book" <-- One of my number one requests for Dr.Seuess books!! I have happily added it to my collection and now i'm up to 4/54! I was checking out today to see if I could afford any other of my favorites. If anyone can find the 1971 version of "The Lorax" let me know, I'm dying for a copy. So the books that I now have are:
1) The Cat In The Hat
2) Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?
3) The Butter Battle Book
4) Are You My Mother?
I'm taking all donations and gifts to help this goal move along smoothly

# 37 "Collect All Of The Beatles Albums" - Once again, my little sister to thank for this one, she bought me "Yellow Submarine" for Christmas this year along with my Seuss book. Couldn't have asked for a better present! :o) That checks another one off for the Beatles making my collection grow to 6/32!! Very Exciting!
so the Beatles albums I now own are:
1) Hard Days Night
2) Rock N Roll
3) Please, Please Me
4) Let It Be
5) Abbey Road
6) Yellow Submarine

#75 "Write Jeremy A Love Letter" - I did this one, wrote him a Love Letter and even mailed it to the house, this one I did around Thanksgiving :o) He teared up a little bit when he received it...goal accomplished! :o)

So, I have the next 29 days off from school, and I plan to use my time very wisely...plans to complete all kinds of goals this month!

# 60 "Go to 25 New-To-Me Restaurants"

# 60 "Go to 25 New-To-Me Restaurants"  (9/25) - Well I know I shouldn't be eating out so frequently, but I went and grabbed a burrito at a new place I have Brigitte yet again to thank for suggesting encouraging and taking me too! Moe's! Welcome to Moe's! - It may be on the verge of fast food, but it is also Delicious! I enjoyed a homewrecker burrito with the rice on the side, and it was great! So I believe then that makes 16 new restaurants to gooooo!

Monday, November 23, 2009

# 60 "Go to 25 new-to-me restaurants"

#60 "Go to 25-New-To-Me Restaurants" - Well, I added one to the list last Friday night. After celebrating my induction into the National Honor Society for Communications I ventured out to dinner in Buffalo with my Family (minus Christopher, Kim and Vince), and we tried a new place! It was called CreekSide (or as my grandfather would have put it..."Crik Side")  The food was okay, but the company was great! It was an okay restaurant, really busy, but not a place i would rush back to any time soon! Anyways...that makes 8/25!! :o)

Monday, November 16, 2009

#9 - "Join a Club That Meets Regularly"

#9 "Join a Club that Meets Regularly"
As written before I have joined the PRSSA - and I have officially paid my dues to the organization, and plan to join the PRSA when I graduate, but I am officially going to call this complete as I have been meeting with them for two full months now, and I have also paid 50.00 in dues. so then. thats another one to check off the list :o) !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

# 71 "Knit an Entire Scarf"

# 71 - I did it! I finally finished the scarf I began and it turned out absolutely amazing! Its a Christmas present for someone so I dont want to mention much more about it here, but its wonderful and i think the person who is to receive it will really appreciate it!! :o)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#32 - "Paint Something in Only Shades of Blue"

Check, and Check..kinda
I had an incredibly artistically influenced day this past Sunday and among many other things I painted something in ONLY shades of blue. I imagine that mightve been one i would've sent to Jessie as i felt that it meant a lot to me, and i had built a story around the concept of the painting and why i had painted it that way. I will be posting photos on here later, but the basic description is that its very circular, and cyclic. I feel like water is life. It moves simliarly to lives and it is often conceptualized as purifying our lives. I think that knowing this creating a painting with all different shades of blue (most of which were created right on the canvas) in a circular fashion represents the very nature of life, each new color a different path for a different person, and different journey to choose from. The beginning and ending in the same place are the very concept that is life, it begins and ends over, and over in a never-truly ending format. So when the painting is submitted it will make a lot more sense than my small description here. Jeremy is dying for me to add a yellow to the corners, but i'm leaving them white, the paniting must remain in all shades of blue. I also think the white is an important part of the composition of the painting itself.

#36- "Take a Painting Class"- This is technically in motion, heres why: I needed one more class to remain full-time because it is cheaper to be full time than to take only 3 classes. So - then I looked and looked and struggled to really find a class - well - sure enough, there is an Intro to painting class that is offered MW when i need it! :o) couldn't be happier, so I can't really cross it off until January when i'm actually in the class painting and learning everything i can about painting! :o) which by the way is one of my all time favorite mediums for getting a message across artiscially, only second to photography and my love for them both is infinite.

So! Thats all to cross off / almost cross off for this week, everything thats in perpetual motion is always in perpetual motion, i am always working on 10 different projects at once - story of my life - but so great! With christmas coming up i've been planning a Fancy Christmas Party i plan to hold, and creating the invites for that, and getting gifts and little projects in line so that i can give them as gifts. I've been knitting like crrrraaazy! which is also VERY exciting :o) Great skill to hone in on and really know how to do. Anyways, thats all for now friends, Have a fantastically ferocious day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

#19 Learn How To Do An Oil Change On My Car

#19 - Learn How To Do An Oil Change On My Car -
I did it! Jeremy helped me/ taught me! but I can do it! I also rotated my tires, I'm so proud of myself, i got right in there and all dirty and covered in car dirt, it was great! I love learning about the inner workings of my car - its just always good to know!
Here are the steps: (I also have photos too, but they'll come later)
1) Make sure you have all the necessary tools ( I needed an assortment of wrenches and socket wrenches) Then jack the car up so that you can slide under it and check things out
2) Find the oil pan on your car
3) Unscrew the pin on the oil pan but keep applying pressure as you do it so that oil doesnt drip all the way down your arm to your elbow (i was a pro at this part!)
4) Let all the oil drain out of your car (its five quarts for me which is One Gallon and one quart! learned that today too :o) )
5) Locate the oil filter (this can be difficult if you have a 2004 chevy cavalier and there were two engines made for your year and despite googling it you still have trouble finding it)
6) once its located, remove the air intake tube in order to get to the oil filter, and pull it out, and click the new one into place
7) Slide back under the car (the oil will be done draining) put the pin back into place, tighten it then have the closest guy around give it an extra tighten (i have jeremy for these things)
8) Lower your car off the jacks
9) open the oil cap - pour in the oil DONT SPILL IT otherwise your car could catch fire
10) clean up all your tools - put the cap back on - double check your work - fill your windshield wiper fluid
11) start your car - make sure everything works
12) check the dip stick - make sure its full to the MAX
13) close your hood and youre all done! YAY!

It was awesome, i feel so accomplished :o) !!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

#6 - Volunteer at least six times

#6 - Volunteer at least six times - 4/6
yaay! i picked up a second volunteer-basis internship, and yes, these definitely count as volunteering especially because they're on-going! I will be interning doing PR at Bread and Water Theatre! they're a small, young theatre that does non-traditional plays - AWESOME! :-) I'm really excited about the whole opportunity, I think it'll be great! only two more volunteering opportunities!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

# 6 - Volunteer at least six times

#6 - Volunteer At Least Six Times (3/6) - This is perpetual and hopefully permanent, I want to volunteer at least six times per year, and increase that if at all possible! But anyways, the new news, is that today, i landed a semi-permanent gig doing PR and a little advertising for an organization called Better Days Ahead. It is an organization that helps parents who have children suffering from mental illnesses or disease set up support groups. I am working for them strictly on a volunteer basis and my first meeting / proposal to them is on 11/2/2009! Yay!
I may have more news as well, since I also have signed up recently to also intern/volunteer for Bread and Water Theatre...i have an interview at's hoping!

Monday, October 5, 2009

#6 - Volunteer at least 6 times, and #72 - Participate in the Breast Cancer Walk

#6 - Volunteer at least 6 times (2/6) / #72 - Participate in the Breast Cancer Walk- I walked in the breast cancer walk yesterday (10/04/2009), it was an exhilirating experience very emotional and the amount of people that were there supporting was amazing.
I walked for my gram, with my Mom and My Sister, Kelly, and her roommate Kristin. It was an amazing experience, this has become a yearly tradition from here on out, it was wonderful and I'm so glad I got to experience that with people i love so much! I'm all smiles!

So thats two down in one weekend! :o)

Friday, October 2, 2009


Just wanted to remind myself of the time schedule.

Monday, September 28, 2009

It has been far too long, and for that I apologize...

A few drastic changes have occured in my life, the passing of a very close friend of mine brought this list back into my list of priorities, she and I made lists about making lists, we connected on a level i'm not sure i've connected with many other people on. She had a really amazing way of teaching me to look within myself for creativity and inspiration, and for this, I thank her each day. I have been especially thinking of her recently since her birthday was this past friday. I told her happy birthday. Anyways, I haven't forgotten entirely about the list, in fact i completed a few things almost by accident, which is great. This list has to be completed now more than ever in leu of the circumstances, and my reasoning for beginning it. I will be making a few changes to keep it practical and obtainable. I still have quite a ways to go, so I have decided I will like- Jessie begin documenting more with Photographs within the blog, they give it life. So, then there are a few things perpetually in progress, a few things completed and a few things can never be completed.

I'll start here:

Perpetually In Progress:
#4 - Read All of Anything Vonnegut has ever written - I know that last i wrote i was reading hocus pocus, but i actually switched over to Welcome to The Monkey House - i know its strange, but this is what I do, i will get around to finishing Hocus Pocus, but right now i'm working on Welcome To the Monkey House. hoping to finish it mid-october

#6 - I have volunteered once already - I walked in the Alzheimer's walk, and also fundraised - thanks to all my friends who helped out :-) Having had a grandmother suffer this was the most motivation anyone could ask for, so why then you ask? why is it perpetually in progress - because thats 1/6, and it will be 2/6 soon! Next weekend i'm walking in the breast cancer walk and raising money for that right now :-)
For Nonna, Always Volare. <3

#9 - Join a club that meets regularly - to be honest, Jessie inspired me with this one :o) I have actually decided to join the PRSSA, its the Public Relations Club on Buffalo State's campus and is a good idea to be a part of, for numerous reasons. So that is perpetually in progress because I will have to continue to participate for at least three months to consider this accomplished.

#13 - Follow the Entire Sabres Season - well! the official season starts on Saturday of this coming week! I have already begun following the preseason, and we're looking good this season...lets go sabres!! (we are in the process of getting tickets, and gear to also attend a game! :o))

#16 - CHANGE - I am changing # 16 to "Collect All of Dr. Seuss's Books" - So far, I have collected "The Cat in the Hat," "How Lucky You Are" and "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." I am taking all donations, especially for my two favorites - "The Butter Battle Book" and "The Lorax" <-- I'm hoping for the original copy that states that "I hear things there are as bad as Lake Erie" they have since removed the Lake Erie reference, I'm hoping to have it with the statement of Lake Erie. #47 - Learn How To Screen Print - Another inspiration from Jessie - I am going to start this project with Jimmy too, we're really going to go at it, putting our own personalized art work on to T-Shirts and things, The plan is to pick up a few library books today to really learn how this works! :o) #60 - Try 25 New-to-me restaurants- While visiting our Nation's Capital, on a family vacation I ofcourse, tried two new restaurants One was called "America" and the other was a blues bar that we went to to celebrate my little brother's 21st birthday! yaay! #76 - Try 7 new kinds of fruit - well i've tried 1/7! while paroosing the market we tried the "cactus fruit" unfortunately we were not impressed..but it was fun to try something new! only 6 more to go! and now, on to those that have been Accomplished:
# 86 - Get on top of a city buildling - This has been accomplished! I was on the rooftop of boulder coffee yaay! It was exciting, thrilling, and scary as hell! but i climbed all the way to the top with Kristin, Brad and Jeremy :o)

To Never Be Completed:
# 81 - Create 6 new mixed media art pieces - mail one to Jessie

This one can never be completed as intended, i will create 6 mixed media art pieces, and i will hang one especially for Jessie as a result of all of her inspiration for creativity.

Thats all for now, but this list will be in the back of my mind always.

RIP Jessie, I miss you so much.

Friday, June 26, 2009

So I guess, skip May, and pretty much June too!

well, it has been some time now hasnt it?

here we are entering July and I've got plans to complete a few more things on my list, and some that I have already completed!

unfortunately in the beginning of May Jeremy and I recieved some bad news about his grandmother and had to promptly make a trip out to Nebraska at which point
#2 - "Meet Jeremy's Dad" occurred, and I only wish it couldn've happened for better cause or reason, but regardless we have met, he also visited for Jeremy's graduation, along with his dad I had the wonderful opportunity to meet his Aunt Andy (whom i love!) and his cousin Katie (they drove me to the airport we had to fly home separately because i had to work on MOnday) regarldess, i will never go back to nebraska again...ever.

#5- " go to the drive in with Jeremy" - this happened this month! it was so much fun we went with my whole family and we saw "Night at the Museum" and "Wolverine" Loved the first, so-so about the second, all in all a whole lot of fun!!

Thats all i have time to mention now, I'll report back soon with a few more!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Another Update! I know, and its so soon too!

So, another update, because i have completely accomplished a few more things, which is awesome!

# 19 - "Learn how to do an oil change on a car" - this is supposed to be happening on Sunday, which is excellent, Jeremy and I are going to do an Oil Change on my car! very exciting

#21 - "Write a collection of Children's Books - attempt to get them published" - My mother and I have already started our first book, its called "The Easter Pig" and there will be more to this serious, very exciting

#42 - "See 10 new shows or musicals" - RENT!!!! It was a great birthday present, thank you brigitte!!! tahts three down, seven to go!

#80 - "Make my own summer Dress" - I've done it! and I made two of them!! I love them both, and I am planning on making a few adjustments to one, like adding a cute little pocket and taking it in a little around the top...yaay!

#99 - "Go Bowling with Jeremy" - DONE! we went bowling last Sunday with Eric, and Jim, and Brittney and her boys. It was great, and I was terrible, lost both games but thats okay!

Soon to come - the before the end of May things that will be accomplished, Still working on the Scarf, and Vonnegut, and I'm practicing making my Grandma's Potato Salad tonight for BBQ and Beers! we'll see how much better it is than the first two times i tried...i think i know the trick to the potatoes.. thats all for now!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Update # 2!

Just wanted to do a quick update here, to help keep myself on in no particular order here are some things i'm working on getting done, and hoping to have done / will be done by the end of April:

#42 "see 10 new broadway shows or musicals" - I am adding one more on Tuesday, Brigitte bought me tickets to see RENT with her for my Birthday. So that will make three shows down, and seven to go.
Jersey Boys
Vagina Monologues

#4 "read all of anything Kurt Vonnegut has ever written" - Still working on Hocus Pocus predicting i'll be finished by the end of April, and on to Slapstick i think.

#60 "go to 25 new-to-me restaurants" - For my birthday we did the Hibachi dinner at Arigato, and although it was super seventies and wayyy cheesey it was still really awesome! Jeremy Brigitte and I loved it!

#88 "get a tattoo" - in contact currently with Mariah about getting my first tattoo, hopefully before April is over. I'll post pictures when its finished.

#80 "make my own summer dress" - planning on doing that either this Saturday night or Next with my Momma, so that should be done just in time for really nice weather.

#27 "Try 6 new Dishes" - I've completely accomplished this one!
1) Baklava
2) Spanakopita (sooooo good)
3) Bananas Foster! (mmm)
4) Cheese/oil Fondu
5) Fried Rice - Hiabachi Style
6) Crab/Cream cheese wontons

as for those things that are going to take a while to complete such as

#71 - "knit an entire scarf" - I'm still working on that one, haven't had a lot of extra time on my hands to be knitting, but that will change very very soon.

#82 "Organize a Benefit show" - Still working on this as well, haven't had a lot of time, been very busy with School but i'm attempting to get the ball really rolling on this before the end of April.

anyways, thats all for now, soon there will be more accomplished posts
and i still plan to own a digital SLR by the end of May and things like visiting California, and Driving Across the country are also in the works for about two years from now, better start saving i spose!

well. thats all.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Update on my list

I have completed a few things this past month since i started my list officially on March 1st here's what I've already accomplished, or at least started too accomplish:

#4 - "Read all of anything Kurt Vonnegut has written" - I have read Slaughterhouse-Five, God Bless you Mr. Rosewater, Man Without a Country, God Bless you Dr. Kevorkian, and I have just started Hocus Pocus.

#8- "See 15 Brand New Bands" - I've seen one new band they were The New York Vaults, Jeremy's stepdad is the singer in the band and i think they were awesome

#42-"See 10 new Musicals or Shows" - I've seen two new shows they were " Jersey Boys" and "The Vagina Monologues" they were both great, and i am hoping to participate in Vagina Monologues next year

#46 "Brew Beer with Jeremy" - We brewed beer just about a month ago, and are planning to bottle it this coming week! mmm new tasty beer we brewed two batches one will be raspberry flavored (thats for me) and one will be some-what like a guinness they both look gorgeous i'll post photos later on...

#60 - "Try 25 new-to-me Restaurants" - So far I've tried four they are - The Lost Dog Cafe, El Parian, Tavern 58 and Aladdins - all great so far! I really enjoyed The Lost Dog Cafe because it was in Ithaca with Brigitte and I love falafel so Aladdins was great!

#71 - "Knit An Entire Scarf" - I have quite a bit of my scarf already done even if i can't wear it again until next winter - i'm going to knit a second one which will also look a lot better since my very first one looks like...well my first time knitting.

#82 - "Organize a Benefit Show" - currently in the works, I'm gathering info on bands, and possible donors currently, so its at least started and planned for the end of July

#93 - "Make Fondue with Jeremy" - We made fondue - cheese fondue and beef and veggies fondue it was delicious and we ate it with my parents! I finally have grown an appreciation for beef

Thats all for now, but i have a few more in the works that are almost finished and should be done by the end of April such as summer dresses and t-shirt bags...plans for picnics and rock climbing, and owning a digital SLR! yaaay!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

101 in 1001

I have like many other decided to do a list, for those of you who i have not told about this list it is a list of 101 things in 1001 days. That is to say, at least my interpretation, that i must complete a list of 101 things in 1001 days, which works out to be just about two and three quarters years. I think that this is something for those of us who have plenty we want to do, and difficulty remembering it all or letting certain things fall to the way side, that allows us to bring those things to the forefront of our minds and accomplish those things. I think it is also beneficial to us as human beings with self esteem. I say this because the more accomplished we feel the better we feel about ourselves. Thus, I have decided to accomplish 101 things in 1001 days. Here is my list:

1.Travel to Europe
2.Meet Jeremy's Dad
3.Ride my bike to the Lake
4.Read all of anything that Kurt Vonnegut has written
5.Go to the Drive in with Jeremy
6.Volunteer at least 6 Times
7.Visit Chicago
8.See 15 Brand New Bands
9.Join a club that meets regularly
10.See Radio head Live
11.Go to Bonaroo
12.Learn how to Water ski
13.Follow the entire Sabres Season
14.Dress up like a pinup girl have photos taken for Jeremy
15.Learn to play a unique instrument
16.Conquer my fear of heights - Sky Dive
17.See the Grand Canyon
18. Visit Dena in Arizona
19. learn how to do an oil change on a car
20. Build a puzzle (Make it an old Map of Rochester, NY)
21. Write a collection of Children's books, attempt to get them published
22. Own a Digital SLR
23. Graduate Before my Brother
24. Facilitate a Family Vacation
25. Play a sport on a team
26. Go Canoeing
27. Try 6 new Dishes
28. Throw a surprise party for Someone
29. Complete 10 Puzzles
30. Perfect Grandmas Potato Salad
31. Go Horse back Riding
32. Paint something in only shades of Blue
33. Become Fluent in Spanish
34. Take a Glass blowing Class
35. Take an Italian Class
36. Take a Painting Class
37. Collect all the Beatles albums
38. Make Strucolo
39. Take a Ballroom Dance Class
40. Drive across the country- end in Seattle
41. Visit California
42. See 10 new to me Musicals or Shows
43. Make Ravioli
44. Spend an entire week following a strict Vegan Diet
45. Build a smaller easel
46. Brew Beer with Jeremy
47. Learn how to Screen Print - make my own T-shirt
48. See Yosemite
49. Knit a Blanket
50. Buy Jeremy a Guitar
51. Collect art pieces from 5 new artists, and 5 old favorite artists
52. Visit the MET
53. See 6 new foreign films
54. Go to the Albright Knox
55. Learn to sew
56. Ride in a hot-air Balloon
57. Document an entire day using photos
58. Make Hot sauce with Jeremy
59. Make Wine with Jeremy
60. Go to 25 new-to-me restaurants
61. Grow a vegetable garden
62. Go to 7 Summer Festivals
63. Make my own candles
64. Get a raise at work
65. Go to Letchworth with Jeremy and have a picnic
66. Get a 4.0
67. Go to the Planetarium
68. Take my Dad and Jeremy and Kelly to the Eastman House
69. Shoot and develop a roll of film from Nonno's Camera
70. Re-mat and frame my favorite photos that I've taken and printed myself
71. Knit an entire scarf
72. Participate in the Breast Cancer Walk
73. Lose 30 Pounds
74. Try Grapa with my Nonno
75. Write Jeremy a love letter
76. Try 7 new kinds of fruit
77. Plant a new tree
78. Decorate a Tree outside on Christmas Eve
79. Make my own T-shirt Bag
80. Make my own Summer Dress
81. Create 6 new mixed media art pieces - Mail one to Jessie
82. Organize a benefit show
83. Play volleyball at a beach
84. Get ice cream from Abes with Jes
85. See Beck Live
86. Ge on to the top of a city building
87. Visit NYC
88. Get a tattoo
89. Use the large canvas - Paint something with Jeremy, Hang it in our future living room
90. Try Rock Climbing
91. Go Camping
92. Sip Martinis at Happy Hour (with Brigitte)
93. Make Fondue with Jeremy
94. Make Root beer with Jeremy
95. Buy a mac
96. Can tomato sauce at my own house
97. Can strawberries for Jam
98. Design my own set of Dishes (think Kate spade)
99. Go bowling with Jeremy
100. Visit Jes in Boston
101. Build a shelf for all of mine and Jeremy's Records