Friday, April 17, 2009

Update # 2!

Just wanted to do a quick update here, to help keep myself on in no particular order here are some things i'm working on getting done, and hoping to have done / will be done by the end of April:

#42 "see 10 new broadway shows or musicals" - I am adding one more on Tuesday, Brigitte bought me tickets to see RENT with her for my Birthday. So that will make three shows down, and seven to go.
Jersey Boys
Vagina Monologues

#4 "read all of anything Kurt Vonnegut has ever written" - Still working on Hocus Pocus predicting i'll be finished by the end of April, and on to Slapstick i think.

#60 "go to 25 new-to-me restaurants" - For my birthday we did the Hibachi dinner at Arigato, and although it was super seventies and wayyy cheesey it was still really awesome! Jeremy Brigitte and I loved it!

#88 "get a tattoo" - in contact currently with Mariah about getting my first tattoo, hopefully before April is over. I'll post pictures when its finished.

#80 "make my own summer dress" - planning on doing that either this Saturday night or Next with my Momma, so that should be done just in time for really nice weather.

#27 "Try 6 new Dishes" - I've completely accomplished this one!
1) Baklava
2) Spanakopita (sooooo good)
3) Bananas Foster! (mmm)
4) Cheese/oil Fondu
5) Fried Rice - Hiabachi Style
6) Crab/Cream cheese wontons

as for those things that are going to take a while to complete such as

#71 - "knit an entire scarf" - I'm still working on that one, haven't had a lot of extra time on my hands to be knitting, but that will change very very soon.

#82 "Organize a Benefit show" - Still working on this as well, haven't had a lot of time, been very busy with School but i'm attempting to get the ball really rolling on this before the end of April.

anyways, thats all for now, soon there will be more accomplished posts
and i still plan to own a digital SLR by the end of May and things like visiting California, and Driving Across the country are also in the works for about two years from now, better start saving i spose!

well. thats all.

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