Monday, September 28, 2009

It has been far too long, and for that I apologize...

A few drastic changes have occured in my life, the passing of a very close friend of mine brought this list back into my list of priorities, she and I made lists about making lists, we connected on a level i'm not sure i've connected with many other people on. She had a really amazing way of teaching me to look within myself for creativity and inspiration, and for this, I thank her each day. I have been especially thinking of her recently since her birthday was this past friday. I told her happy birthday. Anyways, I haven't forgotten entirely about the list, in fact i completed a few things almost by accident, which is great. This list has to be completed now more than ever in leu of the circumstances, and my reasoning for beginning it. I will be making a few changes to keep it practical and obtainable. I still have quite a ways to go, so I have decided I will like- Jessie begin documenting more with Photographs within the blog, they give it life. So, then there are a few things perpetually in progress, a few things completed and a few things can never be completed.

I'll start here:

Perpetually In Progress:
#4 - Read All of Anything Vonnegut has ever written - I know that last i wrote i was reading hocus pocus, but i actually switched over to Welcome to The Monkey House - i know its strange, but this is what I do, i will get around to finishing Hocus Pocus, but right now i'm working on Welcome To the Monkey House. hoping to finish it mid-october

#6 - I have volunteered once already - I walked in the Alzheimer's walk, and also fundraised - thanks to all my friends who helped out :-) Having had a grandmother suffer this was the most motivation anyone could ask for, so why then you ask? why is it perpetually in progress - because thats 1/6, and it will be 2/6 soon! Next weekend i'm walking in the breast cancer walk and raising money for that right now :-)
For Nonna, Always Volare. <3

#9 - Join a club that meets regularly - to be honest, Jessie inspired me with this one :o) I have actually decided to join the PRSSA, its the Public Relations Club on Buffalo State's campus and is a good idea to be a part of, for numerous reasons. So that is perpetually in progress because I will have to continue to participate for at least three months to consider this accomplished.

#13 - Follow the Entire Sabres Season - well! the official season starts on Saturday of this coming week! I have already begun following the preseason, and we're looking good this season...lets go sabres!! (we are in the process of getting tickets, and gear to also attend a game! :o))

#16 - CHANGE - I am changing # 16 to "Collect All of Dr. Seuss's Books" - So far, I have collected "The Cat in the Hat," "How Lucky You Are" and "How The Grinch Stole Christmas." I am taking all donations, especially for my two favorites - "The Butter Battle Book" and "The Lorax" <-- I'm hoping for the original copy that states that "I hear things there are as bad as Lake Erie" they have since removed the Lake Erie reference, I'm hoping to have it with the statement of Lake Erie. #47 - Learn How To Screen Print - Another inspiration from Jessie - I am going to start this project with Jimmy too, we're really going to go at it, putting our own personalized art work on to T-Shirts and things, The plan is to pick up a few library books today to really learn how this works! :o) #60 - Try 25 New-to-me restaurants- While visiting our Nation's Capital, on a family vacation I ofcourse, tried two new restaurants One was called "America" and the other was a blues bar that we went to to celebrate my little brother's 21st birthday! yaay! #76 - Try 7 new kinds of fruit - well i've tried 1/7! while paroosing the market we tried the "cactus fruit" unfortunately we were not impressed..but it was fun to try something new! only 6 more to go! and now, on to those that have been Accomplished:
# 86 - Get on top of a city buildling - This has been accomplished! I was on the rooftop of boulder coffee yaay! It was exciting, thrilling, and scary as hell! but i climbed all the way to the top with Kristin, Brad and Jeremy :o)

To Never Be Completed:
# 81 - Create 6 new mixed media art pieces - mail one to Jessie

This one can never be completed as intended, i will create 6 mixed media art pieces, and i will hang one especially for Jessie as a result of all of her inspiration for creativity.

Thats all for now, but this list will be in the back of my mind always.

RIP Jessie, I miss you so much.