Monday, November 23, 2009

# 60 "Go to 25 new-to-me restaurants"

#60 "Go to 25-New-To-Me Restaurants" - Well, I added one to the list last Friday night. After celebrating my induction into the National Honor Society for Communications I ventured out to dinner in Buffalo with my Family (minus Christopher, Kim and Vince), and we tried a new place! It was called CreekSide (or as my grandfather would have put it..."Crik Side")  The food was okay, but the company was great! It was an okay restaurant, really busy, but not a place i would rush back to any time soon! Anyways...that makes 8/25!! :o)

Monday, November 16, 2009

#9 - "Join a Club That Meets Regularly"

#9 "Join a Club that Meets Regularly"
As written before I have joined the PRSSA - and I have officially paid my dues to the organization, and plan to join the PRSA when I graduate, but I am officially going to call this complete as I have been meeting with them for two full months now, and I have also paid 50.00 in dues. so then. thats another one to check off the list :o) !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

# 71 "Knit an Entire Scarf"

# 71 - I did it! I finally finished the scarf I began and it turned out absolutely amazing! Its a Christmas present for someone so I dont want to mention much more about it here, but its wonderful and i think the person who is to receive it will really appreciate it!! :o)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

#32 - "Paint Something in Only Shades of Blue"

Check, and Check..kinda
I had an incredibly artistically influenced day this past Sunday and among many other things I painted something in ONLY shades of blue. I imagine that mightve been one i would've sent to Jessie as i felt that it meant a lot to me, and i had built a story around the concept of the painting and why i had painted it that way. I will be posting photos on here later, but the basic description is that its very circular, and cyclic. I feel like water is life. It moves simliarly to lives and it is often conceptualized as purifying our lives. I think that knowing this creating a painting with all different shades of blue (most of which were created right on the canvas) in a circular fashion represents the very nature of life, each new color a different path for a different person, and different journey to choose from. The beginning and ending in the same place are the very concept that is life, it begins and ends over, and over in a never-truly ending format. So when the painting is submitted it will make a lot more sense than my small description here. Jeremy is dying for me to add a yellow to the corners, but i'm leaving them white, the paniting must remain in all shades of blue. I also think the white is an important part of the composition of the painting itself.

#36- "Take a Painting Class"- This is technically in motion, heres why: I needed one more class to remain full-time because it is cheaper to be full time than to take only 3 classes. So - then I looked and looked and struggled to really find a class - well - sure enough, there is an Intro to painting class that is offered MW when i need it! :o) couldn't be happier, so I can't really cross it off until January when i'm actually in the class painting and learning everything i can about painting! :o) which by the way is one of my all time favorite mediums for getting a message across artiscially, only second to photography and my love for them both is infinite.

So! Thats all to cross off / almost cross off for this week, everything thats in perpetual motion is always in perpetual motion, i am always working on 10 different projects at once - story of my life - but so great! With christmas coming up i've been planning a Fancy Christmas Party i plan to hold, and creating the invites for that, and getting gifts and little projects in line so that i can give them as gifts. I've been knitting like crrrraaazy! which is also VERY exciting :o) Great skill to hone in on and really know how to do. Anyways, thats all for now friends, Have a fantastically ferocious day!