Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, with the new year on the horizon, and with time diminishing as the list progresses forward, I have many plans and goals both within the list and also outside of the list. If I shouldnt manage to make all my goals happen within the time-frame that will not stop me from continuing on, I just enjoy holding myself accountable. It's something I'm always working on. Anyways, I've got lots of plans for these next 731 days.
We'll see where life takes me :o)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Completions, Completions, Completions!

#16 "Collect All of Anything Dr. Seuss Has Written" - Thanks to my sister I can check another Dr. Seuess Book off the list! For Christmas she found and bought me "The Butter Battle Book" <-- One of my number one requests for Dr.Seuess books!! I have happily added it to my collection and now i'm up to 4/54! I was checking out today to see if I could afford any other of my favorites. If anyone can find the 1971 version of "The Lorax" let me know, I'm dying for a copy. So the books that I now have are:
1) The Cat In The Hat
2) Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are?
3) The Butter Battle Book
4) Are You My Mother?
I'm taking all donations and gifts to help this goal move along smoothly

# 37 "Collect All Of The Beatles Albums" - Once again, my little sister to thank for this one, she bought me "Yellow Submarine" for Christmas this year along with my Seuss book. Couldn't have asked for a better present! :o) That checks another one off for the Beatles making my collection grow to 6/32!! Very Exciting!
so the Beatles albums I now own are:
1) Hard Days Night
2) Rock N Roll
3) Please, Please Me
4) Let It Be
5) Abbey Road
6) Yellow Submarine

#75 "Write Jeremy A Love Letter" - I did this one, wrote him a Love Letter and even mailed it to the house, this one I did around Thanksgiving :o) He teared up a little bit when he received it...goal accomplished! :o)

So, I have the next 29 days off from school, and I plan to use my time very wisely...plans to complete all kinds of goals this month!

# 60 "Go to 25 New-To-Me Restaurants"

# 60 "Go to 25 New-To-Me Restaurants"  (9/25) - Well I know I shouldn't be eating out so frequently, but I went and grabbed a burrito at a new place I have Brigitte yet again to thank for suggesting encouraging and taking me too! Moe's! Welcome to Moe's! - It may be on the verge of fast food, but it is also Delicious! I enjoyed a homewrecker burrito with the rice on the side, and it was great! So I believe then that makes 16 new restaurants to gooooo!