Friday, June 26, 2009

So I guess, skip May, and pretty much June too!

well, it has been some time now hasnt it?

here we are entering July and I've got plans to complete a few more things on my list, and some that I have already completed!

unfortunately in the beginning of May Jeremy and I recieved some bad news about his grandmother and had to promptly make a trip out to Nebraska at which point
#2 - "Meet Jeremy's Dad" occurred, and I only wish it couldn've happened for better cause or reason, but regardless we have met, he also visited for Jeremy's graduation, along with his dad I had the wonderful opportunity to meet his Aunt Andy (whom i love!) and his cousin Katie (they drove me to the airport we had to fly home separately because i had to work on MOnday) regarldess, i will never go back to nebraska again...ever.

#5- " go to the drive in with Jeremy" - this happened this month! it was so much fun we went with my whole family and we saw "Night at the Museum" and "Wolverine" Loved the first, so-so about the second, all in all a whole lot of fun!!

Thats all i have time to mention now, I'll report back soon with a few more!