Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Accomplishments, Accomplishments!

#60 - "Go To 25 New-To-Me Restaurants"- I know it looks redundant, but it's not! In fact there are only 14 more new restaurants for me to try! This is very exciting. Its only unfortunate that I have to mention Veneto (wood fired pizza and pasta)  was a total BUSSSST. The service was absurd. I know that Next Door Bar and Grill (wegmans restaurant) was amazing, and I couldnt help but find myself comparing the two. Veneto also operated in an open kitchen format. But it was disgusting. First we were sat so far away from everything it took away from any connection with the restaurant itself. And, while I myself worked many a shitty job, and behaved in ways I wish I could go back and change, I cannot believe the behaviors, attitudes, and just plain old crazy shit these employees were doing in front of us. It was distasteful, unprofessional, and downright disgusting. Having watched this Jeremy and I vowed never to return to such a distasteful place. Such is life, win some lose some. So thats another one for the list, and 14 more to go!

#36- "Take a Painting Class" - I'm doing it! Thats right folks, went to my first one at Buffalo State College yesterday! We're working with oil paints all semester, and I couldn't be more excited! So check that off the list as well!

Thats all for completions now...but i'm always working on a whole bunch of things at once, because thats how I roll ;o)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

#60 - "Go To 25 New-To-Me Restaurants"

#60 - "Go To 25 New-To-Me Restaurants" - Thats right! check another one off here, I enjoyed "The Next Door Bar and Grill" with Jeremy last Friday evening. It was Deeeelicious! (Its the wegmans restaurant) and its a high end restaurant, better than we expected! and its not too expensive. It was amazing, we loved it, its not on our list of "where do you want to eat tonight" for our Friday date nights! :o) Love Love Loved it! Only 15 more to go!!