Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The end of summer, the beinning of fall - a good time for an update!

The changing of the seasons couldn't be a more appropriate time to update, and with the leaves just beginning to turn there are many new experiences ahead, and many items that can be crossed off this list. So here it is!

#16" Collect All of Anything Dr. Seuss has written*" - I've been collecting over time, and here's the books I can safely cross off of my list:
1) The Cat in The Hat
2) Did I Ever Tell You, How Lucky You Are?
3) Are You My Mother?
4) The Butter Battle Book
5) The Birthday Book
6) Oh The Thinks You Can Think
7) Green Eggs and Ham
8) The Cat in The Hat Comes Back
9) The Lorax
10) The Foot Book
11) Wocket In My Pocket
12) How The Grinch Stole Christmas
13) Ten Apples Up On Top
14) Oh The Places You'll Go
15) Snow
16) I'm Not Going To Get Up Today

So thats it so far, but that puts me at 16/54, and whats great is almost all of them were gifts to me! Which just makes them that much more special :)

#34 "Take a Glass Blowing Class" - Done! I took Hot Glass 101 at Studio 34 in Rochester NY, we didnt have a glory hole or anything to work with but we worked with a torch. Now, I am addicted! I love it, I even asked for my own torch or Christmas!! I've already made all kinds of beautiful beads at Open Torch. Amazing, I love it, So SO happy. You can see photos of it here --> http://www.lovelistsforlife.blogspot.com/ There are photos of my work station :) everyone should try this!

#48 "Do Something Creative With My Mom" - We went to Splatters! A place in Spencerport where we painted pottery. I can't disclose what I painted right now because they were Christmas Presents for the bf and who knows if he'd read this blog so- dont want to take any chances, but they're beautiful, and we spent about 3 hours doing it, it was amazing and fun!!

#53 " Read 10 new Books" - I've just completed Book Number Five - we're half way tehre - I read Kelly Coutrone's "If you Have to Cry, Go Outside." It was a most excellent book and was everything I need, and wanted it to be. Two Thumbs up for Kelly Coutrone on this one :)

There are also all kinds of things in the works right now - saving up for my trip to Europe, and my DSLR....ah great things the future holds!!

Thats all for now! Love Peace, and Pickles! :)