Sunday, October 18, 2009

#19 Learn How To Do An Oil Change On My Car

#19 - Learn How To Do An Oil Change On My Car -
I did it! Jeremy helped me/ taught me! but I can do it! I also rotated my tires, I'm so proud of myself, i got right in there and all dirty and covered in car dirt, it was great! I love learning about the inner workings of my car - its just always good to know!
Here are the steps: (I also have photos too, but they'll come later)
1) Make sure you have all the necessary tools ( I needed an assortment of wrenches and socket wrenches) Then jack the car up so that you can slide under it and check things out
2) Find the oil pan on your car
3) Unscrew the pin on the oil pan but keep applying pressure as you do it so that oil doesnt drip all the way down your arm to your elbow (i was a pro at this part!)
4) Let all the oil drain out of your car (its five quarts for me which is One Gallon and one quart! learned that today too :o) )
5) Locate the oil filter (this can be difficult if you have a 2004 chevy cavalier and there were two engines made for your year and despite googling it you still have trouble finding it)
6) once its located, remove the air intake tube in order to get to the oil filter, and pull it out, and click the new one into place
7) Slide back under the car (the oil will be done draining) put the pin back into place, tighten it then have the closest guy around give it an extra tighten (i have jeremy for these things)
8) Lower your car off the jacks
9) open the oil cap - pour in the oil DONT SPILL IT otherwise your car could catch fire
10) clean up all your tools - put the cap back on - double check your work - fill your windshield wiper fluid
11) start your car - make sure everything works
12) check the dip stick - make sure its full to the MAX
13) close your hood and youre all done! YAY!

It was awesome, i feel so accomplished :o) !!!!

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