Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updates! Updates! Get Your Updates Here!!

#60 - Go To 25 New-To-Me Restaurants (13/25)- 12 More to go! Jeremy and I tried another new restaurant, we figured, if we have to eat out, we might as well make it a new place right? So, we tried Mike's American Diner in Henrietta. BLARG. This place was the epitome of the obese American Diet. Now I'm not saying that Jeremy and I are tiny, because we aren't, but we're working on it. I mean this place (besides the bad-for-you food) had portion sizes that were absurd for one person to eat. Being that I'm now vegetarian (and there were limited options) I got the grilled veggie sandwich which was enough sandwich for four people I think. It was crazy big, and not very good at all. The service was a whole different problem, our waitress looked as if she'd been out pretty late the night before and was pretty hung over that Sunday Morning. Anyway, NO GOOD. I much more enjoy Sunday Breakfast at my house, or at James Browns if i'm going to go out :o)

#8- See 15 Brand New Bands (10/15) - There are a few to mention here now - I can't believe I forgot to update this sooner buuuut - As far as live music goes Jeremy and I have enjoyed a few new bands here recently - The first was called Thousands of One and they were fantastic - We had a great time, and they are awesome music to dance too, rocked it, loved it. The Second was - Dylon's Band Nevergreen, another really good band. I found them very enjoyable really good relaxed music, liked it a lot. The Third was DJ Ak-O Which is my friend Rob, He DjAYed at Dubland Underground inbetween bands and was really good. Loved it! The other new bands I saw with him are called The Manhattan Project. They were really good for the first 45 minutes. After that I had had enough, but they weren't half bad. Next I saw Malicious Intent - a rap duo that is managed my a friend of mine. They were decent, I always feel bad when I see white kids rapping because its so difficult for me to take them seriously. I know thats a rotten stereotype and generally I give them the benefit of the doubt. In this case, I happened to know one of the rappers and he's just so nice off stage it was difficult to take him seriously as a hardass. Thennnn At the seed factory reunion show I got to see Iceberg, and they were really good, I really enjoyed them, they're a great group of musicians. After that The Artists Formally Known as The Capitals played, I've seen some of these musicians play together before, and I knew them all, but the conglomoration was pure bliss and i really enjoyed it. Most recently as in Last Thursday, I stumbled into Boulder with the inclination that I was going to actually get some work done. Upon doing so I managed to write a paper whilst listening/enjoying some live music. That live music now known to me was a band called Jacob's List. They were really good definitely had a death cab/pixies meet the postal service and Rufio feeling to them. They were great...and could be better if they begin to understand that the audience does NOT like feedback :o( or maybe thats just the sound guys fault? Anyway, that brings me to 10! thats right 10/15 new bands, which means only 5 more to go! Yaay!

#28 - Throw a Surprise Party For Someone - (My Mom!) YESS! we did it! It was a complete success, and not only did we throw a surprise party for my mom, but we double whammyed her with two surprises. Her bestfriend Jenn(with two ns) flew in all the way from Colorado Springs to be here for the party. So Friday night I picked her up, Then Jenn(with two ns), Jeremy, my sister, and I proceeded to begin the catering for the party. Kelly god bless her, she walked all those trays with food down into the basement without making a sound the night before at 3:00AM. Promptly and unable to sleep I woke at 7:00AM the next day, ready to shower and collect the cake and the last few things we needed. Then hiding around the block in the neighborhood when we got the cue we quickly rushed in and began setting up as fast as we possibly could! At 3:00PM that afternoon everyone began to come, and hide in the basement (which was amazingly decorated, best family job yet! and the catering was even better!!). Then at 4:00 PM after three months of careful and very secretive planning my mom was taken by surprise at her very first 50th Surprise Birthday Party! :o) here are some photos:

Palm Trees out of Peppers and Carrots!

Apples Carved into Swans!

Deviled Eggs of Course!

Granny Smith Swans!

Just a small amount of the delicious spread!

This is the first thing the my Mom saw when we shouted SURPRISE!!

Friends and Family Feasting in Honor of Fifty Years!

My Beautiful Mom with Her Birthday Balloon, Shirt, and Necklace..did I mention that we also gave her 50 presents?!

Boyfriend and Beautiful little sister, Feasting and Playing with Party Favors

Other end of the table! It was a Looong Table!

My  mom's favorite color is purple, so heres a fruit tray...with Purple Dip!!

I think we could've been professional caterers! Haha It was so much fun, and such a relief, if you have a close relationship with your mom, then you know, its difficult to keep a secret!!! all in all a success I say!

#44 - Spend a Week Following A Strict Vegan Diet - I did this, didn't like it though. Its a lot to think about/ worry about all the time. By the way there are milk and eggs in EVERYTHING. Not to mention I really enjoy being vegetarian (at least the kind that still eats eggs and cheese).  But this experience definitely opened my eyes to how difficult it is for Vegans to go out to a conventiona restaurant and get something to eat. There is virtually nothing that you can really eat if youre vegan because the ingriedent lists aren't available which i've grown to increasingly appreciate in different restaurant. Anyway, I blogged on my other blog about begin vegan here http://www.fortheloveofmybody.blogspot.com/ but thats another one complete! ;o)

#53 - 4/10 - I've read another book! I actually finished it a while ago. Skinny Bitch. Love, love, LOVED it. Its hilarious, and crude, and awesome. If you haven't read it then you should! Currently I am reading (as always K.V.) and I'm starting a Chris Moore book that a friend of mine is letting me borrow, I think it will be perfect for the train ride to boston!

Well thats all the complete accomplishments I have for now! Quite a few I might Add! Love updates like this, they leave me feeling soooo accomplished. Currently I am working on quite a few more. I also wrote the entire list on my chalkboard wall in my Art room at home and have been sharing my list with tons of people. Its great! I see it all the time now too, at least every morning when I'm doing my yoga. It reminds me, and makes me even more determined...I'm thinking Europe in the fall...yeah...October even haha..we'll see! Graduation is almost here!! cannot believe it!!! Alright, well I'll be updating again soon, with photos from my trip to Boston! It's Jeremy's first time being there, and he's going to love it!! yaay!


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